Can you clean fabric backdrops?

We do not recommend machine-washing fabric backdrops, as harsh cycle settings could damage your backdrop. However, you can wash them by hand with a gentle detergent.

Can you clean tear-resistant backdrops?

Tear-resistant backdrops are made from a type of paper, and they will therefore not tolerate water in any way. The correct way to look after your tear-resistant backdrops is to roll them up carefully after you use them. If you unroll your backdrop to use it again and find that it’s a bit dusty, you can dust it off with a dry cloth or duster.

Can a wall vinyl be reused?

Unfortunately not. Wall vinyls have a sticker-like quality, and once they have been placed on a wall, they will not be able to be removed without damage being caused to the vinyl.

How do I clean a wall vinyl?

You can clean your wall vinyl with some mildly soapy water and a damp cloth. Stay away from harsh chemicals and abrasive scourers, because these could damage the vinyl.

What type of surface can a wall vinyl be stuck onto?

Wall vinyl can be applied to just about any smooth surface, from walls and metal or plastic surfaces to fridges and furniture. If the wall is textured, the finish may not be as good, and vinyl will not stick well to earthcote or limewashed walls.

Can you apply wall vinyl to a newly painted wall?

No. You will need to give the wall at least two to three weeks to allow the paint to dry completely. Make sure you have at least two coats of paint on a wall before you apply vinyl, in order to prevent the vinyl from damaging the wall if you decide to pull it off.

What are the advantages of decorating with wall vinyl?

Wall vinyls are relatively affordable to have made and installed. They are completely removable and they are the perfect way to transform a room without committing to the new look forever.

Can I use a picture that I took on my cellphone as a wall vinyl or a backdrop?

Generally, a cellphone image will not work well. The resolution of these images is not high enough to print on such a big scale. Vector files and PDFs general work best for these applications.

Will dance floor decals damage the finish of my floor?

Dance floor decals are quick and easy to remove from most floors, including tiles, parquet, vinyls and laminate flooring.

How do you put up a fabric backdrop?

All FOMO’s fabric backdrops come with a 100mm pocket of fabric that can be used to hang your backdrop.

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